A Walk Through Brera Art And History

An artistic tour of Palazzo Brera, which is filled with artistic & scientific treasures. Explore the Academy of Fine Arts, Astronomic Observatory, Botanical Gardens & Braidense Library, with its collection from the library of Archduke Ferdinando. Including different wonderful places. Start your itinerary being wondered by all the cultural and scientific treasures of the palace strolling around the rooms of the famous Academy of Fine Arts, one of the oldest Italian academics, emblem of history and art.

Exploring Cultural & Scientific Treasures

Immerse yourself in the art & history of Milan. Highlights include Palazzo Brera, one of Italy’s oldest arts academies, a scientific research center, Botanical Gardens & Museum & a private collection gifted by Empress Mary Thersa of Austria in 1770.

What’s Included?

The experience includes:
  • Private, guided tour in the Brera district, including Palazzo Brera & other important sites.